Vynal Giants Family

Vynal Giants

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The production team Vynal Giants consists of two sound engineers, namely : Thomas Mrali aka Mr T.L Saint and Louis Ntamu aka Rwess Louis. Thomas and Louis are former students at Damelin College were they studied Advanced Music Production and Sound Engineering respectively. They soon realised their potential in music production, more especially House music and that’s when they formed this production team Vynal Giants of South Africa. They strongly believe in their work and believe it will have a strong influence in empowering the South African youth.

Mr T.L Saint

Dj hot&Thot

Thomas Mrali known as Mr T.L Saint, born in Pretoria East Mamelodi has long been in the entertainment industry but formally as a dancer. In February 2008 he enrolled for Advanced Music Production and Sound Engineering at Damelin College where he started to realise his potential and passion to be a producer. During this time, he realised that people appreciate the music he produces and decided to release he’s first musical production in june 2010. This was not commerialised nor was it registered with any musical body. This production was so succesful, the project Vynal Giants took effect and their first registered musical production, Vynal Giants- Deep House Convicts vol. 1 was released where he worked his former classmate Rwess Louis.



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